PIRMI PlantWelcome to PIRMI

Pacific International Rice Mills (PIRMI) proudly provides medium grain calrose rice to domestic and international breweries, grocers, and wholesale suppliers. Owned by Bunge North America, PIRMI is the oldest continually operating rice mill in California. From the field to you, we invite you to experience rice with a whole new flavor: the taste of quality.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to be the highest-quality processor of multigrain rice with a commitment to deliver a product of maximum value to consumers throughout the nation and the world.

A Tradition of Excellence

The rich history of PIRMI began with founder Curt Rocca in 1954. What began as a single operating plant has grown into one of the largest, most successful rice mills in the state of California. After two additional plants, the mill, and a packing facility were added to the mill in 1964, the following decade led to Iris expansion into West-Central Mississippi. Today, PIRMI is owned by Bunge North America, supporting excellence and environmentally sound production from rice milling to production, packaging, and transportation processes.