Quality Assurance: From the Field to You

Each year, Pacific International Rice Mills ships thousands of truckloads of rice to consumers throughout the world. With our commitment to provide only the highest quality of rice, the detailed process guarantees quality assurance from start to finish.

US #1, 4% Calrose Brands

Homai California Brown brand of rice
Pacific International brand of rice
Pacific Pride brand of rice

Premium / Specialty Brands

Maruyu brand of rice
Pacific International Festive Sweet brand of rice

Value Brands

Nikko brand of rice
California Rose brand of rice
Guam Rose brand of rice

Reaching the Highest Standards

PIRMI has refined the milling process to minimize the amount of usable grain lost while removing defects, thereby improving the overall starch yield. All rice products are prepared in accordance with FDA, USDA, and U.S. regulation guidelines.